Ursela Rabe,

Animal Communicator
Lost Pet Psychic
Animal Healing Facilitator
Flower Essence Practitioner

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Top Animal Communicator and Lost Pet Psychic of international renown, Ursela communicates with ALL species of animals; dogs, cats, pigs, horses, fish, birds, reptiles. Ursela has communicated with animals since her childhood. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and an empath; in other words, she gets her communication with animals through pictures, words and sensations that the animals convey to her and through intuitive knowing. Besides being an Animal Intuitive Ursela also is an Animal Healing Facilitator and treats animals to holistic healing therapy sessions.

Individual animals, just like individual humans, have their own thoughts, personalities, needs and perspectives on the world in which we live. Our ability to communicate with animals opens up new possibilities of sharing and learning from the wisdom that animals can impart to us.

Challenges in communication that may have become very upsetting to animals and their humans often can easily be resolved through Animal Communication, just by understanding the animal's point of view and by implementing small changes - or by explaining to the beloved animal why their behavior is unwanted.

As an animal communicator Ursela facilitates the conversation between you and your animal friend so that you can learn more about each other. The communication is based on Ursela first listening to the animal's concerns and then asking questions that you have regarding the animal's well-being, wishes and needs. Then she addresses your possible concerns about your pet's behavior patterns. Each animal, like each human, has a unique personality and wisdom that they like to share with us. If given the opportunity, our animal friends can teach us great wisdom and new perspectives on their life and ours too.

Ursela has great sensitivity towards those who cannot speak for themselves. She is serving the animals of her clients as well as animals in shelters and rescue situations who have nobody to turn to.

Through Animal Communication Ursela would love to help you connect on a deeper level with your animal.

For her international clients:
Ursela spricht DEUTSCH, Ursela parle FRANCAIS, Ursela fala PORTUGUES